Flexible Plywood, also known as bendy plywood, flexi ply, or bendable plywood, is a unique type of plywood renowned for its exceptional flexibility and ease of bending by hand.

Unlike standard thin plywood, which can be bent but is prone to splitting under pressure, Flexible Plywood is made up of layers of thin plies that are specifically constructed to provide a high degree of flexibility. This unique composition, along with the particular species of veneers used, enables it to bend and form curves with ease, making it an ideal material for creating rounded columns and multi-curved structures.

Currently, Flexible Plywood finds extensive use in the furniture and shopfitting industries. It is a preferred choice wherever curved surfaces are required due to its ability to satisfy the demands of customers for innovative and distinctive designs. With its exceptional flexibility, Flexible Plywood opens up a world of possibilities for unique and eye-catching design solutions in a variety of applications.


Plywood Type Flexible Plywood
Core Material Keruing (Apitong) / Tropical Hardwood
Grade A
Size 1220 x 2440 mm / 2440 x 1220 mm
Thickness 4 /6 /9 /12 mm
Tolerance 0.5 mm
Glue Type MR (E1, E2) / WBP
Quality standard CARB/EPA Certificate


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