About us

Thien Duc Phat stands as a premier manufacturer and exporter of plywood and floorboards in Vietnam. Specializing in floorboards for constructions and cargo containers, we proudly export 100% of our output to the US, EU, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and South Africa, with EU shipments comprising 70% of our distribution.

About us

At Thien Duc Phat Production Co Ltd, we offer a value-added solution with our "Fit to Purpose" floorboards, designed to maximize your profit. Our professional OEM service ensures peace of mind from early-stage production to packaging. "Fit to purpose" manufacturing caters to specific requirements in terms of size, thickness, composition, functionality, and performance, all delivered with competitive pricing and punctual delivery. 

Collaborating with esteemed buyers such as Scania and Hydroscand, we provide top-notch plywood products tailored to your exact specifications. Our commitment includes high-quality standards, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and attentive service. Equipped with in-house testing machines, we guarantee clients the durability and required bearing capacity of the finished items.

With certifications including FSC and CARBP2, we are in the process of applying for other certificates, welcoming third-party inspections and offering sampling upon request.


Thien Duc Phat Production Co Ltd CARB P2 Certification

Thien Duc Phat Production Co Ltd FSC CoC Certification


Address: 215C, Hamlet 3, Lac An Commune, North Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam.

Email: infotdpco@gmail.com / nhatminh@thienducphat.com

Tel: +84 274 3686 76 / +84 274 3686 76



California Air Resources Board - CARB P2

Forest Stewardship Council - CoC FSC

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